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Born December 3, 1982, I was birthed from Felicia Ann Starks at 3;45 PM. Growing up in Houston Texas I attended Burbank and Highland Heights Elementary School. My 6th and 7th grade was at F M Black and as I move to my father's house I switched to Wells Middle School for 8th grade. I started College at North Harris Community College on to University of Houston. Later on getting to Devry for Project Management I continued to excel in a financial background. As years passed I decided to get in to my passions. Music lead down the road of learning more than I could chew but still I progressed. I and my Partner in the music industry started a music studio and label by the name of Blaq Lab Entertainment. That went on for two year till it became very stressful working 60 to 70 hour week, having a family and maintaining a music studio. So I did what any other logical man would do and take the safe route and chill on the studio for the sake of a marriage and time for myself. As of the present, I still have that music love pumping threw my blood but also went back to North Harris to take up my 1st passion. Photography and Video has always been what I wanted to do but when I was young it was to expensive for lesions. So no I have went to school studied and getting better day by day. Now that you know a little about me please journey with me down my road of execution. I will be opening a Media Studio soon in 2016. Hope to see you sometime this year.

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